New Year / New You!

I hope and pray that some of my personal shares are helping to make a difference in other’s lives because I am not going to stop sharing great things! When I find something I love and it’s working for me to make me a better person, to bring more joy into my life, or secureContinue reading “New Year / New You!”

It’s Time To Get Your Healthy On!

It has never ever been a more exciting time to get your healthy on! Why? Because the company that Charles and I keep raving about is just exploding with new innovative products that are top in the industry. Not only that but they are giving new folks an incentive to get started with offering optionsContinue reading “It’s Time To Get Your Healthy On!”

Moroccan Spiced Vegetables with Couscous

Throw together a deliciously spiced and super healthy dish in no time flat.  This recipe is great as a side dish or vegetarian meal. Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Total Time 30 minutes Servings 4 people Calories 472 cal Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium red onion chopped 1 yellow bellContinue reading “Moroccan Spiced Vegetables with Couscous”

Post Workout Repair – Oh My! With Collagen Peptides!

I added it to my vanilla shake for a creamy tropical/orange crush flavor!!! My favorite health and wellness company is just hitting the bullseye with their performance product innovations! I’ve been experimenting for a few weeks now with the whole new line and just decided to add the post workout repair to my perfect mealContinue reading “Post Workout Repair – Oh My! With Collagen Peptides!”

Post Workout Repair

My new favorite product in the performance line is AMPED™ Repair! I’ve been experimenting with it for a few weeks now and with back to back Orangetheory classes, I can definitely feel the difference. I am able to get right back at it the next day regardless if I am working on power, strength, orContinue reading “Post Workout Repair”

Research Shows Nutrition is Much Better at Improving Mental Health than Prescription Medication

It’s mind-blowing when you see headlines like these: “Research Shows Nutrition is Much Better at Improving Mental Health than Prescription Medication”.  We’re talking ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorders here folks! Wow!  Read on, here’s the article link. We have found the best nutrition system ever that covers solutions that not only include balanced meals,Continue reading “Research Shows Nutrition is Much Better at Improving Mental Health than Prescription Medication”

This is often called a “beer belly” but it really is a “toxin belly”. Let me explain…

Good news for beer drinkers! On this Labor Day weekend there will likely be much beer consumed and perhaps apprehension about what we’re doing to ourselves.  There might even be people that tell us to ‘layoff’ the beer! I’m not saying to not be mindful of calories or drinking to excess but that belly mayContinue reading “This is often called a “beer belly” but it really is a “toxin belly”. Let me explain…”

Dont’ do it!

Our body gives us subtle warnings when we need to adjust things.  Eventually our day-to-day choices will have an impact.  Don’t ignore the signs, take action! Our body is an amazing machine but it needs the right fuel to do the job and so often people lose sight of that. I’ve made conscious choices toContinue reading “Dont’ do it!”

Fueling Body and Soul!

Many things on my life journey have changed my life, and I’m so thankful! When I was a child, my parents took me to church and I decided to follow Jesus. That is my number one “life changer”. As an adult, busy with kids and a career, I somehow lost focus on Jesus and didContinue reading “Fueling Body and Soul!”

I choose optimal health. The choice is also yours!

What if I told you that you could slow down, maybe even reverse, some of the ravages aging does to your cells?  Don’t take my word for it, read this article and decide for yourself. Link to Article Go a step further and couple it with the best nutrition and give your body what it needsContinue reading “I choose optimal health. The choice is also yours!”