New Year / New You!

I hope and pray that some of my personal shares are helping to make a difference in other’s lives because I am not going to stop sharing great things! When I find something I love and it’s working for me to make me a better person, to bring more joy into my life, or secure my future, or helping me to be the best version of me, then I’m going to be talking about it!

I’m so ready to rock 2020! How about you? Are you ready for a change? Being more intentional? Setting goals, getting more active, less alcohol perhaps or maybe enjoying more nourishing foods, reading more inspiring books, less TV time for more prayer time? I am!!

Change is hard but I find one step at a time works for me! I look back and I can not believe the personal progress that I have made in all these areas of my life.

I am thankful that I have had encouragement and support through my health and wellness team. I joined a team and then later found out that they were called Y.A.C.H.T. Club! (You Are Called to HIS Team). I knew that this was no accident! I was where I needed to be. Of course we focused on Weight Wellness, amazing Nutrition, and of course Healthy Aging but what was also taking place was alignment with like-minded people, with common goals, and a common faith in Jesus!

So if you want to make some changes in this area, tomorrow night a team member and all-around amazing person is going to share how YOU can make one step towards a better LIFEstyle. I’d love for you to join us as she shares her LIVE video so you can learn more about this awesome Health and Wellness company and it’s network of amazing people!

You don’t have to change everything at once. Just start. And start dates are flexible anytime between January 6 – 15th! One step at a time, linking arms with other people on the same journey.

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