Our Products

The Isagenix products are made using our No-Compromise Quality Policy.

Ever wonder if a dietary supplement really offers the right kind of ingredient, amount of an ingredient, or the level of potency of an ingredient that it claims to?

At Isagenix we understands that quality can mean the difference between absolutely no effect and fantastic results. Therefore we makes quality and your optimal health our highest priority.

Our Quality Policy is extensive and thorough and includes:

  • Rigorous Testing of all Raw Materials
  • Rigorous Testing for Possible Contamination
  • Finished Product Verification

There are few other dietary supplement companies that can boast the same level of quality assurance commitment. Unlike others, Isagenix doesn’t cut any corners in making nutritional products and spends millions each year on independent analysis of ingredients and auditing by third-party qualified organizations. By putting this much care into nutritional products, Isagenix knows it’s doing right by its customers and their health.

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