Bud Break in Napa Valley

Napa Valley Grapegrowers have announced that bud break has begun in Napa Valley, marking the beginning of the wine grapegrowing season. Buds on Chardonnay in the Carneros AVA are swelling and bursting. These are the first signs of bud break. In the weeks to come, when the weather gets consistently warmer, the sap will startContinue reading “Bud Break in Napa Valley”

Wine tasting in the Barbaresco region of Italy

To us an enjoyable vacation in Italy always includes wine tasting in one of their many beautiful regions.  During our last vacation in Italy’s Piedmont region we focused on tasting in the villages of the Barbaresco region.  The name of the region is derived from the official wine classification region of the Barbaresco wines, madeContinue reading “Wine tasting in the Barbaresco region of Italy”

Visiting Bordeaux’s St. Émilion wine region

If visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site and tasting beautiful wines in Bordeaux is on your list, then St. Émilion just might be the place for you. Although we had tasted in Bordeaux previously, our recent return trip was focused on spending more time in St. Émilion and it did not disappoint! The town ofContinue reading “Visiting Bordeaux’s St. Émilion wine region”

Vacationing in Italy’s Barolo wine region

There is something exciting, something romantic, about vacationing in Italy.  If you tell someone you are headed to Italy for vacation, you usually get a very enthusiastic response.  “Oh, I love Italy!”, “Can I come along?”  It is a desirable destination for vacation.  For us it is usually a vacation to a wine region ofContinue reading “Vacationing in Italy’s Barolo wine region”