Visiting Bordeaux’s St. Émilion wine region

If visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site and tasting beautiful wines in Bordeaux is on your list, then St. Émilion just might be the place for you.

St Emilion
St. Émilion

Although we had tasted in Bordeaux previously, our recent return trip was focused on spending more time in St. Émilion and it did not disappoint!

The town of St. Émilion is approximately 45 minutes away from the Bordeaux airport.  Once outside the city of Bordeaux you are transported to a beautiful, postcard like region.  St. Émilion has much history dating back to the 2nd century when the Romans planted vines and recognized the bounty and quality they yielded.  It has a population of less than 2,000 inhabitants.



We found a wonderful bed and breakfast place called “Le Pavillon Villemaurine” on the outskirt of town allowing us to walk to the heart of town in 5 minutes.  It was well appointed and quiet with a wonderful breakfast offering.

Le Pavillon Villemaurine
Le Pavillon Villemaurine

Additionally the owner offers private tours of vineyards and Chateaux to taste some of the best wines in the area.  We took advantage of this offer one day as a treat, as we normally do all that on our own.  Because of his connections with Chateaux we were able to visit places we probably would not have been able to see otherwise.

View of a St. Emilion vineyard
View of a St. Émilion vineyard

We visited many of the museums in the small town to learn more of its history and take in the sights.  It becomes clear as you visit this town why it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Roman ruins in St Emilion
Roman ruins and view of town

Additionally, there are many wonderful restaurants to enjoy local cuisine with local wines.  Yum!

View of St Emilion


Our visit would not have been complete without visiting one of the many local wine merchant called “Ets Martin” to sample many local wines, which were beautiful.

Ets Martin
Wine merchant

We chose some favorites which we had the merchant ship home to put down giving us the opportunity to reminisce in future years.

Tasting room at St Emilion Wine Merchant
Tasting room in basement of Ets Martin

We left St. Émilion with a new appreciation for all the things it has to offer and would certainly recommend it as a vacation destination.

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