It’s Time To Get Your Healthy On!

It has never ever been a more exciting time to get your healthy on! Why? Because the company that Charles and I keep raving about is just exploding with new innovative products that are top in the industry. Not only that but they are giving new folks an incentive to get started with offering options to offset the cost of the initial products. Also 30 day money back guarantee. I can definately show you how to do this as I have helped several friends in the last few months (even Charles took advantage of this offer as I had been the one placing our orders previously)! They ship to your home on demand too! Convenient πŸ“¦πŸššπŸ‘πŸ’ƒ

For us, it’s not just about enjoying the best dense nutrient shakes on this earth which we absolutely love, it also includes many more but we will just share a few of our favorite amazing products! (And just fyi, we also get to consume regular snacks twice a day and a full meal at lunch and/or dinner depending on our goals. This is not a diet – although if you have weight to lose it will definately happen as a side benefit. We have lots of friends that have amazing transformation stories. Including several that incorporated this lifestyle and have lost over 100 lbs.).

  • We benefit from the daily am/pm pack vitamins and supplements with the addition of the Nobel Prize winning anti-aging telomere support!
  • We benefit from the Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes that are shelf stable, (do not have to be refrigerated), delayed release, strain diverse, and highly concentrated. Top of the line in the industry for gut health and immune system support!
  • We benefit from the whole Performance line – if you are moving then it provides benefits – it is not only for athletes! The Tri-release protein helps us with lean muscle retention, the post workout repair provides collagen, dense tart cherry, and turmeric that supports our muscle recovery, bone, skin, and joints. There are more options in this line for our particular goals and needs.
  • We also benefit from increased energy through all natural plant based products that are actually good for us, not just increasing our energy but also addressing stress with adaptogens! Energy Shots, BEA Berry Bellini (just released and selling like hot cakes) – Botanical, Energy, and Adaptogens all in one! With green tea and vitamins over 4 servings of fruits and 2.5 servings of vegetables! A little sizzle to it so it is fabulous on the rocks!

I really could go on and on, we use them all. I don’t get paid to post I share because I want to! I get paid when people order again and again and well, that’s working out quite nicely because people feel amazing once they get started!

If you are wondering if it’s for you, check it out! I love to come along side people and give encouragement and support. That makes me happy and makes me feel like I am making a difference. Reaching outside of my immediate circle to help someone that maybe searching and praying for a solution. This solution gets to the core issues of improving a persons health and can change the trajectory of their health journey – it did for me! We also have private product and coaching pages (which I know is not for everyone – yet is there if you would like), and a new accountability group starting November 11! With a 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Also coming in November are 2 brand new HUGE product launches too! Bone Broth Collagen w/Vitamin C and pure full spectrum, food grade CBD oil ! WOW!

Friends I’m not stopping! 2+ yrs later and this company and these products have been a blessing in our lives and in so many others’. And, we are getting them for free and you can too!!! Where else can you do that? We are planning on eating for free for the rest of our lives. Now isn’t that quite a nice pension retirement supplement!

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