Do You Know What Is In Your Drinking Water?

Most of us don’t think twice about drinking a glass of water. But a report released Wednesday though, found more than 270 harmful contaminants in local drinking water across the nation. The substances are linked to cancer, damage to the brain and nervous system, hormonal disruption, problems in pregnancy and other serious health conditions.

So I decided to check out my tap water through this link to retrieve information for my specific area by zip code

Here were my results! Yikes! In my local tapwater, the group found 23 contaminants across our water supply between 2012 and 2017. (which serves ~172,000 people).

Regarding the study:

“The nonprofit Environmental Working Group, collaborating with outside scientists, aggregated and analyzed data from almost 50,000 local water utilities in all 50 states. Read more on the Environmental Working Group’s data sources and methodology. The organization found a troubling discrepancy between the current legal limits for contaminants and the most recent authoritative studies of what is safe to consume. “Legal does not necessarily equal safe.”

In the case of polyfluorinated substances, or PFAs, the environmental group estimated up to 110 million Americans could have the potentially cancer-causing, immune-system damaging contaminant in their drinking water. Yet the EPA requires drinking water utilities across the country to test for only six of 14 known substances in the category.

A variety of other contaminants often found in the water of millions of Americans can profoundly impact health. They include lead, which has been linked to brain damage in small children; arsenic, which can cause cancer; and copper, which can be harmful to infants.

According to the environmental group, many of the 270-plus contaminants detected through water sampling are at levels deemed legal under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, yet are above levels that recent studies have found to pose possible health risks.

What can we do to mitigate this and protect ourselves?

We can start by filtering our drinking water. Here is a link to how to filter out most of the contaminants . We are currently using activated carbon filters on our tap water and the refrigerator water dispensor. Bottled water has recently been reported to have microplastics in the bottles that have also absorbed toxins which are then also absorbed into the body. So not the solution I want to go after either.

Additionally, we also use periodic cellular cleansing to rid ourselves of toxins as the process we follow has been tested to be effective at reducing toxins from the body including from visceral fat stores. Check this out: Releasing Toxins.

And lastly, we could do what the Romans did. Drink more wine! That’s what they did in biblical times when water was contaminated!!! Just remember though, everything in moderation!

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