This is often called a “beer belly” but it really is a “toxin belly”. Let me explain…

Good news for beer drinkers!

On this Labor Day weekend there will likely be much beer consumed and perhaps apprehension about what we’re doing to ourselves.  There might even be people that tell us to ‘layoff’ the beer!

I’m not saying to not be mindful of calories or drinking to excess but that belly may be more a sign of toxicity than beer drinking.

With obesity numbers trending up around the world, scientists have been questioning if we are missing a part of the obesity equation.  Recent studies are now indicating that a missing piece of the obesity puzzle are obesogens.  Dietary, pharmaceutical, and industrial chemicals, termed “obesogens” alter metabolic processes and can predispose us to gain weight.

This could explain why a healthy diet, daily exercise, and quality sleep are not sufficient to budge the scale past a certain point, never reaching that goal we believe to be reasonable.

Here’s the nugget:  Obesogens include a variety of chemicals with diverse mechanisms of action that result in excess fat accumulation.  While water-soluble chemicals are easily metabolized and excreted by the liver, fat-soluble ones are stored in fat cells where they are protected from the body’s natural detoxification systems.  When this occurs the body creates more fat cells to prepare for potentially more fat-soluble chemicals.

Although we can take steps to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals found in the environment, our homes (furniture, clothing, cleaning products), processed foods, and skin care products, let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to avoid them so then what!

What we do at home are supported cleanses with natural botanicals that give results you can’t get anywhere else.  This allows the body to naturally detox and gently eliminate impurities while infusing it with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  It is not a colon cleanse or laxative, but a nourishment product aimed to make your cleansing safe and effective.  When these toxins are eliminated the body can then release the unnecessary fat cells that cannot ever be lost otherwise.  Amazing!

Enjoy your beer this weekend!         Contact us for details and to get started.

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