Sun does not cause skin cancer

Isn’t it interesting how the incidence of skin cancer in the 1950s was rare but rose steadily afterwards in correlation with the advent of processed foods?

I might not be a medical doctor but I do my research and my research says: “Enjoying being in the sun does not, in itself, cause skin cancer.”  It is the cells in our body that are weakened by oxidative stress and thus prone to cancer.  Lathering with sunscreen or avoiding being in the sun will not protect us from other cancer risks, we have to address the root cause.

Chronic oxidative stress breaks down proteins, increases basal metabolic rate, and causes huge fluctuation in hormone release over an extended period of time.  These demands on the body can cause premature aging, decrease energy, store fat, and ultimately could lead to the development of chronic disease.  It is also a factor in the shortening of telomeres, the end cap of our chromosomes which is known as an aging marker.  Shortened telomeres is also known to have a correlation with cancer cells.

The miracle workings of adaptogens and antioxidants at fighting oxidative stress is supported by loads of evidence-based research, and now science is showing that there is another player in the game—whey protein.  (also see: Tips to mitigate the effects of stress on your body)

Interestingly, one of the most astonishing findings from a recent clinical study comparing the weight-management system I use with a leading heart-healthy diet was 35 percent greater reduction in oxidative stress for the product I use. Could this be because of double the loss of visceral fat, which is a known contributor of oxidative stress, or could whey protein itself been a factor? (See: Clinical research study results)

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