How Turmeric is used to Fight Inflamation and Disease

We do often share our wellness efforts which is a lot about nourishing our bodies with dense nutrition. In a world where marketers have fooled most people into eating crap foods that tickle their tastebuds but do very little to nourish their bodies. Often time doing more damage then good! Today I focus on justContinue reading “How Turmeric is used to Fight Inflamation and Disease”

Essential Vitamins and Vitamer Diversity

Vitamins take on many forms in natural, whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Different forms of a vitamin, known as vitamers (pronounced vīt-ə-mərs), deliver greater nutrient diversity. Check this out to learn more about the benefits of vitamers! What Are Vitamers? July 9th, 2020| While you might think of a vitamin like vitamin C asContinue reading “Essential Vitamins and Vitamer Diversity”

Common Questions About Creation

As I was looking for a way to stay productive during the COVID-19 epidemic, and to prepare for additional quiet time over the next few months, I decided to spend some extra quality time in the Bible.  I ordered a couple of study guides online and one of them touched on the first book ofContinue reading “Common Questions About Creation”

Infusion of Eastern and Western Philosophy into our Products for over 17 years!

There is a depth to these products that many people don’t know or understand.   The formulator Dr. John Anderson has formulated over 2,500 products for over 600 companies.  Now he has taken all his experience and knowledge to link arms with a company that allows him to make the products without any compromise to theContinue reading “Infusion of Eastern and Western Philosophy into our Products for over 17 years!”

Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients. Are you getting what your body really needs?

Pretty much everyone understands that you need macronutrients for your body to survive.  These are carbs, fats, and proteins.  What people often fail to realize is that the body also needs micronutrients to survive.  These are vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, etc.  The difference is the amount of time before our body recognizes the deficiency. IfContinue reading “Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients. Are you getting what your body really needs?”

Sun does not cause skin cancer

Isn’t it interesting how the incidence of skin cancer in the 1950s was rare but rose steadily afterwards in correlation with the advent of processed foods? I might not be a medical doctor but I do my research and my research says: “Enjoying being in the sun does not, in itself, cause skin cancer.”  ItContinue reading “Sun does not cause skin cancer”

I choose optimal health. The choice is also yours!

What if I told you that you could slow down, maybe even reverse, some of the ravages aging does to your cells?  Don’t take my word for it, read this article and decide for yourself. Link to Article Go a step further and couple it with the best nutrition and give your body what it needsContinue reading “I choose optimal health. The choice is also yours!”

Want more protein out of your shake?

Not all meal replacement shakes are make equal and that’s not all that surprising.  What is surprising is how much difference there is between them and what a tweak in how I make mine can increase the protein availability six-fold. I recently came across an independent study that highlighted Net Protein Utilization, which is theContinue reading “Want more protein out of your shake?”

Let’s Talk Antioxidants and Your Immune System!

Specifically Glutathione — What is It??? And why do I need it??❓ Glutathione is considered one the most IMPORTANT ANTIOXIDENTS available to your immune system. 💪Antioxidants work in your body to counteract free radicals which are a major cause of cellular damage. 💥 Glutathione molecules work by sticking to toxins and helping to transport themContinue reading “Let’s Talk Antioxidants and Your Immune System!”