Let’s Talk Antioxidants and Your Immune System!

Specifically Glutathione — What is It??? And why do I need it??❓

Glutathione is considered one the most IMPORTANT ANTIOXIDENTS available to your immune system.

💪Antioxidants work in your body to counteract free radicals which are a major cause of cellular damage.

💥 Glutathione molecules work by sticking to toxins and helping to transport them from your body. It is a very important detox process in controlling signs of aging and for overall health to combat various diseases and illnesses.

🕗 As we age, glutathione levels decrease, making it important to incorporate lifestyle choices that keep it steady. Your body actually makes its own glutathione, but many factors contribute to its depletion. The best way to help your body continue to produce glutathione is to add foods to your diet that are precursors to glutathione. Unfortunately, very few foods are precursors to glutathione and it is NOT effective when purchased as a supplement in and of itself. (although there are plenty of supplements out there that claim to do so). One food, however, has been clinically shown to increase glutathione levels….That food is Undenatured Whey Protein💪

🔑 Undenatured whey protein aids in glutathione production as it contains the amino acid cysteine, which has been proven to aid the body in increasing its own production of this vital antioxident. And of course who has the best Undenatured Whey Protien on the market??????

Yep!!! Isagenix!!!

Look no further than our Isalean Shakes, Pro Shakes, Bars and our Isa Pro Protein!!! Take back your glutathione production now!!! Natures natural detox and so much more!!!

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