Post Workout Repair – Oh My! With Collagen Peptides!

I added it to my vanilla shake for a creamy tropical/orange crush flavor!!! My favorite health and wellness company is just hitting the bullseye with their performance product innovations! I’ve been experimenting for a few weeks now with the whole new line and just decided to add the post workout repair to my perfect mealContinue reading “Post Workout Repair – Oh My! With Collagen Peptides!”

Post Workout Repair

My new favorite product in the performance line is AMPED™ Repair! I’ve been experimenting with it for a few weeks now and with back to back Orangetheory classes, I can definitely feel the difference. I am able to get right back at it the next day regardless if I am working on power, strength, orContinue reading “Post Workout Repair”

I am NOT but I know I AM!

I AM – I am God Almighty, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Creator, the Sustainer of everything, Savior and Redeemer, Alpha and Omega! I am not – well that’s me and everyone else too! Say it quietly to yourself. “I am not”. It’s not about me, it’s all about the great I AM.Continue reading “I am NOT but I know I AM!”

Healthy Mind and Body

Are you ready? Dramatically transform your mind—and your body—in the next 60 days! Healthy Mind and Body is an innovative program, custom designed to achieve and sustain incredible, long-lasting results. Healthy Mind and Body focuses on eight key areas: Mindset, Energy, Your “Why,” Gratitude, Nutrition, Performance, Fitness, and Exercise. This program involves 10 minutes ofContinue reading “Healthy Mind and Body”

If Not Now, When?

When it comes to focusing on your health, losing weight or getting back in shape, it’s easy to say there’s always tomorrow.or push things off for another day. I get it! But what happens when another day becomes another week, or month, or year? If you don’t start today, it’s already too late! Let’s startContinue reading “If Not Now, When?”

This is so true: “You are what you eat”

Since billions of cells are replaced daily it’s important that we fuel our body by eating.  In turn we must eat the right foods.  After all, the body can only use what we put in to fabricate these new cells. If we eat foods that are deficient in nutrients we are not equipping our bodyContinue reading “This is so true: “You are what you eat””

Eating fat does not make you fat

Isn’t it interesting how some really bad science told us that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and so we should eat less fat?  Before World War II, when this was first raised, people used to have far less heart attacks and yet were eating butter and cream every week.  Then things changed; weContinue reading “Eating fat does not make you fat”

How does Isagenix compare to the (Golden Standard) Heart Healthy Diet?

This Clinical Research Study demonstrated clear, clinical validation for incorporating the Isagenix weight loss lifestyle.  Not only does it support these things but it far exceeded the Heart Healthy Diet. Here are a few highlighted findings from the Short term (8wks) and the Long Term (52wks) studies: Weight Loss – 56% more weight loss thanContinue reading “How does Isagenix compare to the (Golden Standard) Heart Healthy Diet?”