Eating fat does not make you fat

Isn’t it interesting how some really bad science told us that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and so we should eat less fat?  Before World War II, when this was first raised, people used to have far less heart attacks and yet were eating butter and cream every week.  Then things changed; we replaced butter with margarine made from industrial oils and creamy, whole milk was dumped for skim and fat-free.

The thought that fat makes us fat is now so engrained in people that doctors and nutritionists have a hard time helping people shake off the fear of fat!  Eggs, avocados, nuts, I can’t eat that!”  Yes, we can and you should!

First of all, calories are not all the same.  The calories from a donut are not the same as those from an egg and our bodies do not metabolize them the same way.  Eating a donut versus eating an egg does not have the same impact on our hormones nor our appetite.

The interesting thing is that when we restrict fat, our macro nutrients get out of balance.  We are focused on carbs, sugars, and proteins only and our body can start to think we are starving it.  The refined carbs and the sugars are the biggest culprit as they spike insulin which is the fat storage hormone.  Now a vicious cycle starts: hunger pains -> more of the same foods, etc…

Spikes in insulin drives all available fuel in our bloodstream into our fat cells, especially the dangerous ones around our waste line and organs; the visceral fat.  This tells our brain to eat more.

Based on countless recent research, I truly believe that since most of our fat-cell chemistry is controlled by the quality and type of food we eat, we should eat quality fat, lower refined carbs, good amounts of fiber, and excellent proteins in a balance manner.

The best products I have found to accomplish this is the ISAGENIX nutrition system. Incorporating this into our daily nutrient intake along with a regular low glycemic snacks and a balanced meal of 400 to 600 calories has had great results.  Seeing the changes in people around me, including myself, has convinced me.  My wife lost 4 inches from her waistline, for instance.   She fought her body’s attempt to develop a muffin top and she won!!!   Checkout the testimonials under the Our Products dropdown menu.  Weight Wellness Testimonials

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