How does Isagenix compare to the (Golden Standard) Heart Healthy Diet?

This Clinical Research Study demonstrated clear, clinical validation for incorporating the Isagenix weight loss lifestyle.  Not only does it support these things but it far exceeded the Heart Healthy Diet.

Here are a few highlighted findings from the Short term (8wks) and the Long Term (52wks) studies:

Weight Loss56% more weight loss than heart healthy diet in first 8 weeks; 47% more fat loss; 2x as much visceral (abdominal) fat loss

Long-Term Weight Maintenance in first 12 weeks – Participants seemed to adhere to the system better because of convenience and ease of use with 20% reduction of fat mass, 9% increase in lean body weight percentage, 25% decrease in oxidative stress, 5% increase in total antioxidant capacity

Improved Performance – Improved Endurance through increased body strength, 2x upper body and core muscular endurance, in men 14x more lower body explosive power and 3x more lower back and hamstring muscle flexibility

Improved Cardiovascular Health4x more aerobic (cardio) power, and 5x less arterial stiffness!

Toxin Release from Fat Stores.   33% increase in total PCBs released in first 12 weeks

Take a look at these Fast Facts!  Absolutely amazing results!

Clinical Studies

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