This is so true: “You are what you eat”

Since billions of cells are replaced daily it’s important that we fuel our body by eating.  In turn we must eat the right foods.  After all, the body can only use what we put in to fabricate these new cells.

If we eat foods that are deficient in nutrients we are not equipping our body with the necessary building blocks.  Likewise, if we eat conventional foods, as opposed to organic foods, we ingest pesticides and other chemicals.  These compounds, along with everything else end up being the materials made available to our body to work on creating new cells.

Likewise, as an example, eating a hot dog introduces nitrates which are preservatives from synthetic materials (or sometimes natural sources) added to give the meat longer shelf life and more color. When digested, nitrates turn into nitrites, which have been linked to cancer in test subject animals.

This is one of the many reasons why I use the ISAGENIX® products and system.  They are designed to provide all the nutrients and proteins my body needs to build cells each day.  It is a system of products designed for healthy weight loss, nutritional cleansing, and fitness.  The IsaLean® shakes are nutrient rich and contain superior un-denatured whey and milk proteins. (A dairy-free version exists)  They are more than a shake, it’s a meal replacement (240 cal.) with its proteins (24 g), energy-fueling carbohydrates (8 g fiber), good fats, and 23 vitamins and minerals per serving.  It is used to replace conventional meals with 2 Shakes per day plus one healthy low-glycemic, 400-600 calorie meal as well as 2 snacks (More calories can be consumed once in weight maintenance).

Don’t just take my word for it, check out these testimonial pages:

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