Why We Do Not Support Fad Diets!

  Why Isagenix Isn’t a Fad Diet March 8th, 2019 Fad or miracle diets are those that make unrealistic claims that aren’t supported by scientific evidence. Their popularity is usually driven by misguided mass media coverage, which creates hype for the newest cure-all solution. These diets are usually characterized by highly restrictive or unusual foodContinue reading “Why We Do Not Support Fad Diets!”

If Not Now, When?

When it comes to focusing on your health, losing weight or getting back in shape, it’s easy to say there’s always tomorrow.or push things off for another day. I get it! But what happens when another day becomes another week, or month, or year? If you don’t start today, it’s already too late! Let’s startContinue reading “If Not Now, When?”

The Science Behind the ‘Bedtime Belly Buster’

Did you know that consuming protein before bedtime can help you feel fuller and boost your metabolic rate?  The Bedtime Belly Buster (or BBB) is a sweet bedtime treat that combines high quality protein with fruits or greens to satisfy late-night cravings.  This helps keep you on track to burn that stubborn belly fat! SleepingContinue reading “The Science Behind the ‘Bedtime Belly Buster’”

What happens when you cleanse on a cellular level?

The expression cleansing your body has been used in many ways, and for some people it even conjures an ugly experience; one where you’ve got to stay home or take precautions because you might be stuck in the bathroom; you might feel weak, etc… It’s not that kind of cleanse. A cellular cleanse using ISAGENIX’sContinue reading “What happens when you cleanse on a cellular level?”

When the fishes in the tank are sluggish should you clean the tank or medicate them?

It is amazing how we can be influenced to look for a solution in the drug store or from our medical doctor for our ailments instead of addressing the root cause. How many times do we hear of a new medicine to address a health condition?  But then we hear the litany of side effects!Continue reading “When the fishes in the tank are sluggish should you clean the tank or medicate them?”