When the fishes in the tank are sluggish should you clean the tank or medicate them?

It is amazing how we can be influenced to look for a solution in the drug store or from our medical doctor for our ailments instead of addressing the root cause.

How many times do we hear of a new medicine to address a health condition?  But then we hear the litany of side effects!

Is it not better to eat healthy and rid our bodies of the toxins we’ve accumulated over time from pesticides, fire-retardant in furniture or clothing, etc…?

This is why I’ve been so excited about fueling my body with ISAGENIX’s IsaLean™ meal replacement Shakes to control your weight.  You need a strategy for controlling and holding on to lean muscles.  The IsaLean™ Shake is arguable the world’s most perfect food.  A convenient, affordable, and delicious way to reduce or manage your caloric intake without depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs to support a healthy lifestyle.

As well, I can cleanse at a cellular level the toxins found in my body with ISAGENIX’s Cleanse for Life® which helps support the removal of toxins and destructive impurities.  The damage from the onslaught of toxic chemicals in our bodies contributes to oxidative stress, shorten telomeres, and compromises health.

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