Boost Your Immune System

This is such a crazy chaotic time for all of us to say the least.  It’s difficult to absorb the implications of this COVID-19 Coronavirus, the immediate changes with the social distancing, isolating ourselves and our beloved seniors, school closings, restaurant closings, impact to small businesses, people without work, getting food to the elderly, theContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System”

How Do You Stay Hydrated? BOGO PRICING!!

A great value!!! $2.50 for 12 oz. March 9 – 15 link to purchase BEA Berry Bellini How do you choose to stay hydrated? I have never consumed lots of carbonated beverages, energy drinks, high sugar sodas, pops, etc. But I do have an arsenal of healthy drinks that I enjoy for different situations, whenContinue reading “How Do You Stay Hydrated? BOGO PRICING!!”