Midday Mimosa

Doesn’t a midday Mimosa sound good right about now? While many of us are trying to stay active at home, a refreshing drink in the afternoon has initially been a glass of rosé for us but then it felt like too much wine consumption, too early, and that’s not good for anyone or our budget!Continue reading “Midday Mimosa”

No time like the present to get started!

Let’s get you started when we can get you some free products!!! There is a depth to these products that many people don’t know or understand.   The formulator Dr. John Anderson has formulated over 2,500 products for over 600 companies.  Now he has taken all his experience and knowledge to link arms with a companyContinue reading “No time like the present to get started!”

BĒA Berry Bellini

The first ever energy drink on the market to contain raw nutrients and vitamins (aka no synthetic or artificial anything) as well as naturally sourced adaptogens.  This is a game-changing, history-making product being unveiled on October 11, the first and only product of its kind… What does it look like to disrupt a $30 billion dollarContinue reading “BĒA Berry Bellini”

Performance Nutrition Livestream

We absolutely cannot believe that we are talking about a performance line of products! Who would have thought that?  But we are, and we are benefiting from them too! In the past, we may have taken a walk during luchtime or at one point we signed up to use the fitness center at our workContinue reading “Performance Nutrition Livestream”