The Results of Unhealthy Diets

This is true! Unhealthy diets kill more than tobacco and high blood pressure!

What I love about my lifestyle is that it is not necessary to give up things that we love to be healthy.

We start each day flooding our bodies with dense nutrition in the form of a delicious real food shake that takes 30 seconds to make and only cost $2.56. Then we add another shake some time throughout the day. Then we typically eat two more regular 100-150 calorie snacks of our choice and an additional meal of 450-600 calories.

We still eat dinner out multiple times per week and we almost always drink wine with our dinner.

If you have weight to lose, then you will lose it. When you are at your ideal weight or are an active or athletic person, you increase your calorie intake to meet your own bodies requirements.

We have really great tasting and convenience snack and meal bars when on the go that also have 24 grams of highest quality protein, just enough carbs, fats, and sugar that is required by our bodies to function optimally.

It’s a lifestyle, it’s customizable, affordable, and convenient. Most importantly it fuels your body and fights disease! Yes – it fights disease and it makes you feel AMAZING!

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