Almond-Pesto Crusted Salmon

Delectable!’ This just might be my favorite way to enjoy salmon, with pesto and almonds. It was quick and simple to prepare.img_6492

This is like nearly 4 months into the stay at home and we’ve only went to dinner out once during that time. You must understand, we like dining out. We like the experience, the break from the kitchen, yet we are always looking for flavorful and healthy dishes.

Let me tell you, this doesn’t just qualify for a #stayathome meal, this is more like a #finediningmealathome !

It was a blessing to use our own fresh basil pesto from our garden on the salmon and also from the garden was the cilantro on the green rice, fresh lemon juice, and fresh green beans which was our first tender harvest! Always the best!      

We have created this recipe for two!


2 4-6 oz. salmon fillets

1/4 cup sliced almonds, roughly chopped

1 1/2 tbsp crispy panko breadcrumbs

1/4 cup basil pesto



Turn oven to LO broiler.

Combine the chopped, sliced almonds with the panko crumbs.

Lightly spray foil lined baking sheet with olive oil and place each salmon fillet on baking sheet, leaving space between the 2 pieces.  If your salmon has skin, remove it or place salmon skin side down on baking sheet.

Spread the top of the salmon with basil pesto, evenly distributing the pesto to each piece of salmon.

Sprinkle almond/crumb mixture on fix and press it onto each salmon fillet using all the mixture.

Lightly spray the tops of the almond crusted salmon with olive oil spray.

Broil on middle rack of oven for about 9-11 minutes. (Using the middle rack keeps almonds from toasting too quickly)  (Salmon should flake with a fork)

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