Never Buy Pesto Again!!!

I found myself initially concerned about the availability of food and coupled with my lack of desire to frequent the grocery store during the pandemic, I decided to quickly plant a few herbs in my little garden space.

We were still enjoying some basil pesto and also some fennel pesto that we made last year from a friends abundant garden harvest. And as I looked at my few small basil plants I feared that they wouldn’t produce enough for me to make pesto and freeze for later use. That’s when I decided to propagate more plants from the plants I had. I remembered that when I had brought a few stems in from my garden and put it in water, they had formed roots! So that’s just what I did! It was simple!

I cut off the growth, put it in a little glass on the counter for roughly a week until I could see roots developing, then I planted the new plants. I’m also rooting some right now to give to a couple of my friends who typically don’t garden. Basil plants are so easy. And the smell of fresh basil is simply delicious! They can find a window or a small place outside, then just keep it watered. It’s not difficult at all!

I have now made several small “cubes” of pesto I decided to make it without the cheese so I can just add it in during dinner preparation perhaps months from now! This way it also is more condensed and takes less room in the freezer.

Here is the recipe I followed:

Freeze in ice cube trays !

Blend all but 1/2 oil, then slowly introduce the remaining oil to blender.  Ready to freeze. Once frozen, take them out of the tray and place then in a freezer bag. This allows me to use the exact cubes based on my recipe. I heat it up and add the grated cheese! It’s amazingly delicious over pasta and only takes a few moments to prepare!

Here is the recipe I used for the Fennel Frond Pesto too!

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