Is My Whole Food Nutrition Expensive?

PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK if my whole food nutrition is “expensive”…???  This is what I am thinking…

* iPhones are expensive and so is my internet bill
* Every time I walk into Target 🎯 or Lowe’s for “one thing” ($200 later) it’s expensive
* Fast food and take out coffees are expensive
* Clothes and shoes are expensive.
* Dinner out, a bottle of wine or a night out is expensive
* The non-essential things we buy are expensive

We find money 💰 for all these things but none of them profoundly impact how we feel about our health and wellness.

So my answer to this question is ‘NO’ this program is NOT ‘expensive’. It simply requires that you plan your meals in advance by purchasing them upfront (instead of on the go) and are GUARANTEED to transform how you look and feel!!!

💚 You need to remember that this is an INSTEAD OF COST rather than an ADDED COST to your monthly food expenditure.

✅ The question really isn’t ‘what does it cost?’ instead it should be ‘what will you save?’ Because you WILL save money on a whole heap of things including –

* Groceries
* Vitamins
* Sports/Energy drinks
* Supplements
* Cafe lunches
* Coffee
* Alcohol
* Soft drinks
* Sneaky snacks when you’re out & about
* Pre and post workout nutrition
* Take-out food
* Time

BUT, most importantly, you will also be saving your HEALTH… and seriously what price do you put on that? 💗

Don’t forget you can always try this program RISK FREE for 30 days 🙌

Imagine if you could go into the supermarket, purchase ALL of your food for the entire month at once and at the end of the month, even if you had consumed all of the food that you had purchased 30 days prior, you could still get ALL of your money back if you were not entirely satisfied for any reason.…


NOW can you see how this program is a NO RISK program? Are you seeing the value yet?

Bottom line is are you worth it…?

Here is a tool to help you evaluate the way you would be able to reallocate your spend to invest in YOU!

cost1There are over 25 options to get started on your Health and Wellness journey so please contact so we can help you determine the best value option to get started based on your goals.

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