Why Choose My Super Foods? Well, Let Me Tell You!!

I get asked “Why isagenix?” all the time! There are so many health and wellness options out these days. It can be overwhelming. Everyone claims something. I used to know the differences between all those options, but I’m not going to take that approach.  I would rather take a different path and just show you why ISAGENIX is the BEST.

Important factors in looking for best nutrition:


✳️ Where is the protein sourced? Ours is from New Zealand, because their standards exceed US standards. They do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. Free range, untreated grass fed.

✳️ How is it processed? Undenatured is

best. Cool processing keeps amino acid chains intact, promoting lean muscle growth

✳️ SOY FREE, soy is a cheap row crop, it’s GMO, not best source of protein and is linked to a myriad of health problems


Due to the changes in how the US produces wheat, it’s my opinion, that is why so many suffer with gluten intolerance. Isagenix meets the needs of these individuals by offering gluten free nutrition


Isagenix recognizes that not all people use dairy or can tolerate dairy. Our formulators have perfected a dairy free line that has an amino acid profile very close to whey, allowing our plant based option to be an incredible source of protein to suit their lifestyle.


✳️Isagenix exceeds organic standards because not only do we test for pesticides, but also herbicides, larvicides, and heavy metals


✳️Our testimonials page is full of amazing testimonies and long term results. We have 100, 200, 300, and 400 pound members who have lost an amazing amount of weight and thus improved their quality of life.


✳️ Isagenix is published in multiple journals. Our clinical studies far exceeded the heart healthy diet in terms of:

1. Ease of use and sustainability

2. Fat loss

3. Lean muscle gain

4. Improved lab markers

5. Visceral fat loss

6. Reduction in oxidative stress markers


✳️ Isagenix does not promote a quick fix diet. We promote lifestyle change. We do not offer magic pills, wraps, or patches. Just high quality, nutrient dense, cutting edge nutritional science that makes it easy to incorporate into any busy life


✳️If you are in this page, you know you are never alone in your health journey. Our community support and encouragement is unsurpassable. We love to support and celebrate you every step of the way.


✳️Isagenix just celebrated their 15th Anniversary. We have a solid foundation of growth and millions of lives changed.


✳️Changes in body composition are the noticeable attributes in our pictures, but we are a total health and wellness company. If you have weight to lose, you will lose it. If you need to gain, you will gain in lean muscle. When your body receives the therapeutic amount of vitamins and minerals, the body can begin to heal from the inside out. Most people here will tell you weight loss was a bonus. Their improved quality of life, better energy, less inflammation, better digestion, improved sleep, improved athletic performance, healthier aging, fewer aches and pains, better blood sugar management, and overall general wellbeing, far exceeds the gift of weight loss.


✳️ The science behind our cleanse received a Nobel prize. Our cleanse addresses all three types of toxins we are exposed to. Scientifically formulated to nourish the body while fasting. There is a ton of research that supports intermittent fasting and Isagenix makes it so easy to do 💚


Who does that??? WE DO!! WHY?? Because Isagenix works!!! Isagenix is confident if you use our nutrition, you will get your health back or you get your money back! This says a lot, about how confident we are in our amazing nutrition!

Soooooo, if you are struggling trying to improve your health, nothing seems to be working, and you are ready for a change…. Isagenix is a risk free option. We are here to help you be the best YOU that you can be🎉

Check out these Clinical Study Findings – Now I challenge you to show me something better than this!  It’s phenominal!  Leveraging Nutraceuticals vs Parmaceutiicals!

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