Lentil, Chorizo, Shrimp & Scallop Salad

This is absolutely one of my favorite dishes to make.  

You can incorporate it into your meal as a salad, a tapas, or as your full meal.  It’s very versitile.  The taste of the roasted bell peppers with the lentils over arugala is so delicious.  Then the Chorizo flavor that is picked up and transferred to the scallops and shrimp in the skillet is absolutely succulent!

Prep Time: 30 min Makes/Yield: 4


1¼ cups puy lentils 2 red bell peppers, quartered, cored, and seeded 6 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 5 oz chorizo, thinly sliced or diced 12 oz of scallops or shrimp or 50/50 mix, rinsed and patted dry 2 cups arugula leaves salt and pepper (I added a few mushrooms because I had some on hand.  definately mix it up based on what you have in your refrigerator)!


1.Cook the lentils in a saucepan of simmering water for 15–20 minutes until just tender but still holding their shape. Drain the lentils, rinse in cold water, and drain again.img_4429

2.Meanwhile, arrange the peppers, cut sides down, on a piece of foil on a broiler rack, brush with 1 tablespoon of the oil and broil for 10–15 minutes until softened and lightly charred. Wrap in foil while hot. When cool enough to handle, remove the skins and slice the flesh.

3.Mix 4 tablespoons of the oil in a bowl with the vinegar and a little seasoning. Add the lentils and toss well, then stir in the pepper strips. Cover and set aside.

4.When ready to serve, heat the remaining 1 tablespoon of oil in a skillet, add the chorizo, and fry for 2 minutes. Add the scallops and cook for 3–4 minutes, turning once, until browned and just cooked. Divide the arugula leaves between 4 serving plates. Spoon the lentils on top, then add the chorizo and scallops and serve immediately.

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