Is it Protein you are looking for? Here’s the scoop!!

When trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or simply lead a healthy lifestyle, having a delicious meal that can easily be consumed on the go is key.  Unfortunately, many of the options on the market today are essentially comprised of protein, artificial sweeteners, and vitamins. Without the proper balance of macro- and micronutrients, a meal replacement will not be able to do its primary job – nutritionally take the place of a meal.

Here are some important things to consider when selecting a meal replacement option:

A Good Meal Replacement Starts With Quality Protein

One of the most important aspects of any meal or meal replacement is the source, amount, and quality of protein.

A Low-Glycemic Nutritional Profile Offers Slowly Absorbed Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, which include sugars, are the preferred source of fuel for your brain and immune system. However, a high dose of refined sugars can cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving you feeling fatigued, hungry, and unsatisfied. It’s important to choose meal replacements that are tested for their glycemic response and labeled as “low-glycemic”.

A Combination of Good Fats Offers Proper Digestion, Nutrient Absorption, and Health

Getting enough of the right kinds of fat every day is an important part of any healthy diet. Fats are crucial not only for proper digestion and absorption of some vitamins, but also for many different body functions.

Dietary Fiber Supports Your Gut

Fiber is an important aspect of any diet because it helps with satiety and helps promote digestive regularity. Unfortunately, most people fail to consume adequate fiber in their diet.

A Full Spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals

Getting a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in one meal is hard to do, but near impossible in under 250 calories per meal.

Flavor That Gives It Character

No matter how good for you something may be, you probably aren’t going to drink it if it doesn’t taste good. Many options have artificial flavorings or sweeteners added to enhance the flavor.

A No-Compromise Quality Meal Replacement

Don’t wonder if a meal replacement really offers the right kind of ingredient, amount of an ingredient, or the level of potency of an ingredient that it claims to. There should be no mistake when it comes to getting the right quality for your health.

One Option That Meets All These Criteria with 24 grams of undenatured whey protein, tested and labeled as “low-glycemic”, 6 grams of good fats, 8 grams of fiber, with 23 vitamins and minerals in under 250 calories per meal, with great flavor choices using   no artificial flavorings or sweeteners with a No-Compromise Quality Policy is available.  To check it out Click Here

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