NOx to support Brain Health? What The Clinical Study Results Reveal!

We so often focus on the dense nutrition and weight wellness. But I think this product, Amped NOx, is something worth evaluating as part of your daily regimen for its other benefits too.

As I spend time with some of my friends that are well into their senior years, I realize the various levels of cognitive decline and see the additional struggles. It makes me want to make sure I am doing as much as possible to maintain my cognitive function!

Consuming Amped NOx has proven to increase oxygen delivery during strenuous activity for athletes. What’s so great about it is that it also improves arterial flexibility, endurance, and recovery for everyone just not the athletes!

Amped NOx has shown in clinical studies that it increases cerebral blood flow which supports transport of glucose, oxygen, and other nutrients in our bodies and to our brains.

And do you know that our brain, which weighs approximately 3 lbs, consumes 25% of our overall oxygen? So it’s important to support transporting that oxygen through our bodies efficiently to oxygenate our brains and keep them healthy and fully functioning.

Since Amped NOx also improves arterial flexibility and ultimately supports healthy cognitive function (speed and executive functions specifically), I recommend consuming it daily.

Amped NOx are all natural, taste great, and follow the same great quality standards as every other Isagenix product. Unlike similar products on the market which typically use synthetics and have artificial sweeteners, etc.

This company offers such a wide variety of solutions to meet everyone’s specific goals!

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