Cost of healthy food vs. cost of healthcare. Which one should you avoid?

A recent study reemphasized that eating a healthy meal costs about a $1.50 more per meal than an unhealthy one.

Based on all the news we’ve seen on healthcare cost escalation, I’m sure that if I saved that $1.50 per meal in the bank, at the best rate possible for that matter, I could NOT save enough money to cover the future costs I would face in the healthcare system based on poor nutrition.

Plain and simple, it is the right thing to do to nourish your body with the food it was designed to get.

Any shift you make to lead a healthier lifestyle is a great step taken; however, one of the most important step is to fuel your body; truly fuel your body.  A year ago we discovered, not a diet, but a new lifestyle in nutrition and we’ve been with it ever since.  It is a nutrition dense system of excellent value to ensure the body is fueled and not starved.  Without balanced macro-nutrients we shoot ourselves in the foot.  If we don’t have great proteins, carbs, and fat and try to exercise we can trigger the body to lose lean muscle instead of fat which is a bad thing!  We want to lose fat while building lean muscles and stay healthy.  That is getting healthy and staying healthy so we can avoid skyrocketing healthcare costs as much as possible.

This is why the ISAGENIX product line is our recommendation to ensure weight loss in the healthiest manner and then maintaining our health.  Once in maintenance mode, the caloric intake can return to a more normal level allowing a continued healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Click Here to get started or contact us for more information.

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