Seafood Medley with Spicy Spanish Chorizo over Tarragon Mashed

Tonight’s special was a Seafood Medley with Spicy Spanish chorizo over a bed of tarragon mashed potato blend. So good!
Even considering the price of wild caught scallops and Argentine Pink wild caught shrimp, this is such an affordable meal. It is absolutely one of our favorites as the seafood takes on the spice of the chorizo! It’s fabulous and simple to make.
No recipe require for the protein but plan to prepare the potato mash ahead to allow for preper timing as the protein only takes 5-10 minutes total.    You can also use rice, pasta, lentils, or just arugala.    There are many options.
For the protein – Just slice the chorizo and start heating on medium in a skillet.  After it releases some of those fabulous spices, drop in the scallops to get them started cooking (especially if you are using  U10 size), then drop in the shrimp.


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