Soar like an Eagle in Troubling Times!

I’ve been focusing on being grateful. Purposefully seeking and acknowledging all of the Lord’s blessings and letting them sink into my grateful heart today!

When we cultivate a grateful heart and we praise our creator, redeemer, and sustainer … we soar like an eagle even in troubling times like these.

So how do you get started? It’s not always a walk in the park!

Life can be challenging and downright difficult at times. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to come natural to be filled with gratitude. Especially through times like these when we are all experiencing this global pandemic, with stay at home restrictions, missing our friends and family, our colleagues at work and just the simple habits of not going to work each day can throw havoc on the daily cycle for the whole family unit. We miss participating in school, our praise and worship at church, small group, or bible study.

And then there are the financial impacts, burden, and insecurities which can be gut wrenching to say the least.

Some experiencing illness themselves or that of a family member. And significant loss of life in far too many of instances.

When gratitude doesn’t come naturally, that is when we need to dig in deep and intentionally keep our gratitude alive!

Gratitude is a tool, it’s a weapon against the enemy who would be no happier if we would just give up and slowly sink into hopelessness!

It’s when we continually focus on all that is good in our lives, every single detail, of everything that the Lord has provided for us. For the comfort and sustainment of our body, soul, and spirit! We are so blessed and the Lord loves us so much!!!

When we keep our focus on God, our hope will never be consumed by hopelessness and despair!

God’s Word is TRUTH!

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