Step up your exercise with this!!

Do you want to know how we’re taking our fitness to the next level?  This is it!


We joined Orangetheory fitness in late July, and about that time we got our hands on a couple of these products.  We guarantee that they are decreasing our perception of our efforts during workout and helping us with muscle and joint recovery!  The chocolate flavor in the tri-release is awesome.  We can’t wait to receive our pack to add the additional items.

The price point is great for existing and new members.  For new members, just add a couple of e+ energy shots to hit the minimum order to use a free membership code.  We have a few one-time individual codes so Contact Us and we’ll send you a free membership code to get you wholesale pricing.

First, a product to kick-starts your workout.  It sustains energy and elevates intensity.  It really gives what you need to decrease the perception of effort.  With no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, it’s the pep talk our bodies need before tackling any fitness routine.

Second, a product to fuel muscles with key amino acids during workout.  These amino acids stimulate muscle protein synthesis and fuel muscles during workout.  This really ends up setting you up for post-workout repair.

Third, a product for post-workout supplementation that helps boost recovery, repair muscles, reduce soreness, and support better joint health to develop lean muscle and get you ready for your next workout.  It contains turmeric, collagen peptides, and high-potency tart cherry designed to prevent that super sore feeling after an intense or new workout.

Forth, an anytime product which contains three proteins for sustained lean muscle development.  By featuring three proteins that offer a fast, medium, and slow amino acid release, you will help optimize this process. Develop more lean muscle, recover quicker, and achieve the results and body shape you’re working hard for.

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