What’s the Cost of Your Nutrition?

Just wondering how much everyone else is spending on these two meals……..My husband and I spent $2.56 per meal.
So that’s a total of $10.24 per day for two meals for each of us!
That leaves more room and $$ for extra healthy snacking, a fine dinner, and a little wine when we choose!
Who wants a lifestyle that is affordable and healthful?
What if I told you that every 16 weeks they give me a coupon for $200? Just for being a consistent customer and signing up to participate?
Put that into the calculation and that would make each meal $1.66! This price is achieved when you sign up and save 25% plus purchase six or more for an additional 10% off.
Tell me who can not afford to get healthy by fueling their bodies so that their own bodies can heal themselves.
Doesn’t this make it extremely affordable?
Not that anyone is questioning the cost- it’s just hard to believe how extremely economical it can be to eat so healthy!

Please feel free to contact me to help you select your flavors and build your cart most economically!


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