Guarding against becoming a shadow of your former self

What I envision when I think about being a shadow of my former self is subtle weight gain, muscle loss, feeling less strong, less energy, and loss of vitality which kind of translates to losing the ability to live a full life.  When these losses occur you tend to sit around and be less active.  This in turn becomes a slippery slope of becoming even less active and less healthy.

More than a year ago I started to wonder if I was possibly going down that path!!  Wow!! Really??  I took a good look at myself and decided I needed to maintain and rebuild strength, energy, and vitality; but how?

We can’t protect ourselves against accidents, illnesses, and other tragedies in our lives as these are not really in our control but we can certainly take steps to be healthy.  It is nutrition that must be at the forefront and then exercise.  It’s not the other way around.  You need to fuel your body properly to have the energy and strength to exercise and consequently build lean muscles and core strength.

Following my wife’s lead I discovered the best nutrition ever!  A complete system to fuel my body with balanced nutrition, cleanse myself of the toxins trapped by visceral fat in the mid-section.  Nutrition that allows the body to function as it was designed which in turn fosters a reshaping of the body!  For me this has not been so much from major weight loss but from shifting reducing fat and adding lean muscles.  A pound of fat is bigger than a pound of lean muscle so gaining lean muscles at the expense of fat changes the body’s shape back to its former glory or maybe even better!

I’m now feeling better than I’ve been feeling for years and this is only the beginning.  Everyone deserves to feel as good as I do.

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