Be Still In Awe And Reverence!

This resonated with me as I was think about waiting on the Lord. The Lord put me on the path that I am on and I do all I can to bring value, contribute, have the right end in mind, the right priorities, and intentions, and show people some love while I do it! I’m not perfect though!img_5411

Many times when, in my human nature, I do not see progress as quickly as I desire, I do more “stuff” to try to speed up the progress.

I’ve recently realized that I am not waiting on the Lord but rather the Lord is waiting on me to wait on him! I am not being quiet and letting go.

Who am I to keep the Lord waiting? I should have the fear of the Lord. I do have the fear of the Lord! I should have reverence and awe of God—enough to not let him wait on me.

I am prompt with everything I do in respect of others. I’m on time, I schedule my day to the convenience of others, I don’t make my husband wait for me to be ready to leave the house or to help him when he has something for me to do.

So why am I making the Lord wait on me?

The Lord is ready to clear my path and enable me! I need to get out of the way! Everything in his perfect timing!

I’ve already shifted my thinking and my action – I’m just acknowledging it for inspiriation and accountability.

I am choosing to “let go and let God”! And I am now waiting on God with anticipation of what he has planned for me!







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