Waiting on the Lord

Here are a few nuggets I picked up about waiting on the Lord this week at Women’s Bible Study Fellowship as we read and studied “The People of the Promised Land”. Here David, after killing Goliath, waited approx 30 years to be anointed King over all Israel. img_5379-1

David had several opportunities to take things into his own hands. He had multiple opportunities to kill Saul for instance. He was strategic, and a very skilled leader, he had God’s favor, and he knew his success was the Lord’s not his own. He constantly waited for the Lord to win his battles and sought the Lord’s guidance. (Most the time—-but just like us he wasn’t perfect)!

When we are praying, trusting, and waiting on the Lord, how patient are we? When we don’t see the answer, get the answer or the result we expected of our prayers, how often do we take things into our own hands? Make things happen?

How often are we tempted each day to trust in idols of tradition, resources, intuitions, good ideas or the power of positive thinking to carry out God’s work? I think my most frequent error is intuition and good ideas, ah…and positive thinking. I guess I’m guilty of all of these really.

Here are the nuggets:

1. God’s Spirit makes it possible to glorify God and do good for others while we watch in anticipation for answers to our prayers, situations, and even our dreams. (Remember just because something seems like it’s a good idea and comes from your heart, it doesn’t mean you go it alone-wait on the Lord and pray)

2. As we pray and wait, God will be present with us as His Spirit makes us strong as we persevere.

3. When we wait with contentment, we show that we trust God has given all we need for now to do what He wants us to do.

And remember, God never hurries. As my dear elderly friend Susan tells me “God is never early, and God is never late. God is right on time”! God knows the plan and God knows how much time he has!

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