Do The Fruits In Your Life Reveal Your Identity In Christ Jesus?

As a Christian, one who has placed their faith in the saving redemption through Jesus’ death on the cross, what do you think of when you consider fruit your life produces? The Bible tells us that the fruit in your life can reveal your identity in Christ Jesus.

Basically I always considered things like acts of kindness, charity, lending a helping hand, giving of my time to others as….kind of like just good works.

What God has enabled me to understand through digging deeper in His word is that it’s much more than that. Did you know that seeking forgiveness for your sins, forgiving others, repenting and turning away from your habitual sin are also fruits. A growing desire to spend time with God in prayer and hearing Him through spending more time in the Bible, as well as sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and telling others about redemption through faith, are also all fruits.

I have learned that I must dig deeper in my study and then the Lord reveals His word to me. Then it’s not so difficult to understand. God is most concerned about our hearts. Our thoughts. For even the Pharisees paraded their outward “fruits” for all to see but their hearts were not aligned with their outward acts of righteousness. Jesus tells us in Matthew that we must be better than the Pharisees as He calls us to righteousness.

Excerpt from Bible Study Fellowship

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