All you need to know about Collagen & Trace Minerals

I saw this advertisement pop up this morning. I’ve never taken any collagen supplements but I learned a lot about it in this article.

It says that our bodies need vitamins (especially C), trace minerals, and branch-chain amino acids. I’m on it! The nutrition solution that I absolutely love has everything I need for proactively supporting my collagen. If you would like more specific information or to get started, Contact Us!

The key that I believe everyone is missing is the trace minerals that we can not get in our whole foods any longer because our soils are depleted, over use of pesticides and herbicides, and our farming techniques have changed to grow our crops larger and faster at the expense of nutrients!

Our superfoods have trace minerals that are sourced from the crust of the earth in various places that have been here since the earth is old!!! How amazing is that!!! Most people are concerned about macro nutrients only, but what is missing in their diets are the micro nutrients, specifically the trace minerals.

The BCAA balance is what I am focusing on. Too much from meat sources cause your body to be too acidic as it works to break down the meat protein to get to the amino acids. I’m balancing between meat, seafood, whey, and plant based proteins to get the BCAA’s I need and keep my body in an alkaline state.

Also included in our vitamin regimen is a an advanced combination of Vitamin C plus citrus bioflavonoids to support heart, bone, and immune system health. Three forms of vitamin plus citrus bioflavonoids for added antioxidant power. Delivers vitamin C equivalent to more than five cups of orange juice. Ultimate antioxidant protection with low acidity. Also with 23 essential vitamines in our superfoods.

Check out the article here

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