Why skipping meals is not the way to lose weight

I frequently hear people skipping breakfast or only eating a snack for lunch, dinner, etc…  Their reason seems noble: “losing weight”.  However, that is really not the right thing to do.

Yes it is true, in general terms, that if you don’t burn the calories you take in, you’ll likely gain weight, conversely, if you eat less than you burn on a typical day, that should help lose weight.  The problem is that approach is too simplistic; your meals need to be balanced at the macro-nutrient level (Protein, Carb, and Fat).  As well, a multitude of factors can affect how many calories you burn from day to day even if your daily routine was identical each day.

One of the major issue with eating less, or skipping meals, is that we tend to not fuel our body properly and often end up losing lean muscles.  In turn, a loss of lean body mass is not desirable as it weakens the organs and muscles, and also slows down metabolism.  Guess what: “a slower metabolism burns less calories!”.

The best way to lose weight is to eat truly balanced meals that fuel your body while ensuring you are not overeating for the level of activities your day brings.

The ISAGENIX products and system are designed to do just that.  It is a system of products designed for healthy weight loss, nutritional cleansing, and fitness.  The IsaLean® shakes are nutrient rich and contain superior un-denatured whey and milk proteins. (A dairy-free version exists)  They are more than a shake, it’s a meal replacement (240 cal.) with its proteins (24 g), energy-fueling carbohydrates (8 g fiber), good fats, and 23 vitamins and minerals per serving.  It is used to replace conventional meals with 2 Shakes per day plus one healthy low-glycemic, 400-600 calorie meal as well as 2 snacks (More calories can be consumed once in weight maintenance).

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