Scripture References for Troubling Times

During the holidays it’s easy to remember past times with a little sadness and a heavy heart.  Most of us have someone that we loved (maybe our parents, a spouse, a dear friend, a child), that for some reason is no longer with us.   Maybe you have your own struggle with a relationship(s), finances, illness, substance abuse.  Everyone, yes everyone even Jesus, has encountered suffering. Be assured in these times that you are not alone.  Remember God is Omnipresent (everywhere), Omniscient (all-knowing), and Omnipotent (all-powerful).  God is faithful and keeps his promises – always.  God is always Accessible.  Whenever you pray, God hears you.  I pray, that if you are reading this now and have a heavy heart or are struggling in someway, that you will ask the Lord to help you find comfort in His words and healing in your heart.  He will hear you and comfort you!  God loves you.  God created you for a relationship with him. Talk to him today as you read what he has for you here…God bless you!

Scripture Help References

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