Is God Punishing Me?

Just enjoying our backyard space on this beautiful Sunday. I’m anxious to capture and share some key points “nuggets” from this mornings sermon from a guest speaker. The topic? Is God Punishing Me?

How many times have we heard someone ask that question? How many times have we wondered that for ourselves?

Well I won’t keep you on the edge of your seat for the answer …No! God is not punishing me and he is not punishing you. God is training us, showing us our own hearts to bring us to greater holiness because He is a Good and Loving Father!

Remember. Jesus paid it all! As Christians, we are not paying for our sins! Jesus paid a once for all sacrifice that covers ALL our sins. Sins of the past and sins of the future.

Next time you think about if God is punishing you, view it as God’s training. God does this so that you will experience the fruit of righteousness and so your heart will have peace!

Romans 8:1. A huge weight of guilt is gone because of Jesus Christ.

Vs 7. I must view ALL hardships as God’s discipline because I am one of His children.

Duet 8:2-6. God already knows our heart. It’s for us to humbly know our own hearts!

Proverbs 17:3. God seems to be abscessed with this. Testing our hearts

Psalms 119:67,91,73,75,91,92 God created and CONTINUES to form me. God is faithful when he takes is through affliction.


Hebrews 12:8-9. #2 when God brings hardships into my life He is acting as a loving father. A loving father doesn’t make it easy because He loves us We should have great respect for God something good in my life! is and

Psalm 89:32. God will not take His lovingkindness away

3. This discipline is not punitive. It is corrective to bring greater holiness in my life. Discipline for holiness to be more like Christ Greater righteousness in my life.

Vs 11. To those who have been trained.

4. I will know when the job is done. My heart will be at peace Experiencing the fruit of righteousness. The hardship may still exist but my heart is at peace.

You are not Gods first mistake ! God does not make mistakes.

Can you kiss the rod that is of our Holy Loving God?

Psalm 88:77 affliction separated by fire. Sin hate bs soul love.

Pressure. Tea by hot water.

Flip the coin What you fear on one side and what you love on the other side.


Hebrews 10:10, 12 Christ paid it all. If we were paying for our sins then we would be in hell.


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