God’s Perfect Peace

As we focus on spreading peace and diminishing fear, we can trust the Word of the Lord which tells us to keep our minds focused on Him.

Yes, this chaos in this world is very unsettling. From the situation in Afghanistan, Christians and children stranded and being killed. Even the service animals that are not being rescued. To the misinformation and fear that has been orchestrated against all humanity with the plandemic on a global basis. To the shameful mishandling of the preventative treatments and forced vaccinations. It’s just ugly and evil.

As humans, created by God, to love others as He has loved us, we each have the responsibility to come to the aid of others. Whether that be physically, monetarily, emotionally, or through prayer support.

Another thing that we can do is to stay focused on the Lord and His word. His promises that He is in control. Remember, Satan can only do what God allows. As humans it is very difficult to rationalize why God would allow this evil.

We must stay focused on the Lord. Trust Him and remember that we already know the end of the story.

God wins. Make sure you are on His team. A child of God. Acknowledge that you were born a sinner, that you have remorse for that sin, ask for forgiveness, recognizing that God sent His only Son Jesus to die for you so you could be made righteous. That He paid the cost, the punishment for your sins. God gave His son as a free gift for all that accept it! That gift will not be forced. You must accept the gift to be a child of God! At that point you will receive a second gift. (A gift within a gift). The gift of the Holy Spirit who will teach you, comfort you, guide you through these difficult times.

Don’t go it alone. Don’t just sit paralyzed in this fear. Draw near to the everlasting rock!

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