We are still fighting for ‘Free Speech!

I thought I had heard that our social media applications were doing something to balance our American right to ‘free speech’.  However, this past week I had to accept that: “It is not so.”

After reading a New York Post article about some new information in the affairs that took place in Ukraine, I wanted to share it on FB.  Well, while I was typing, I got a notification from another news agency that FB was taking steps to ‘slow down’ the spread of that news article until it could be ‘fact checked’.  That seemed suspicious since so many other politically oriented articles had been circulating during this election.

Even more suspicious is that I never heard of any outcome of the ‘fact checking’ process. In other words, it was supressed, or should I say: “It was censored!”

The next day, my wife found FB posts of people complaining that a FB Group had been deleted because it didn’t meet policies.  It was about keeping California open.  There were over 70,000 group members.  I guess we’re not supposed to wish to get back to some normalcy in these crazy times.

That got me pretty upset but I just put the phone down for a while until now when I got notification that a post I made on January 1st, 2019 had been removed from FB.  I don’t even know what I posted that day! I’m not one to post anything that I would call unacceptable.  Maybe I posted that I was praying to God for a better new year?

That was it for me, I decided to take a pause from FB; I didn’t delete it yet, just temporarily disabled FB until I cool off and see what happens.  I mean, it seems that FB has gone in the wrong direction.  To add to the situation, I recently ran into an article from Fox News that is dated January 2019 (over 20 months ago) that highlights how FB really doesn’t believe in ‘free speech’ but is rather clearly working its way toward censorship.

You should read it, because I think it is wrong that our social media can do this and pretend they are supporting ‘free speech’.  Fox News Article On FB Censorship

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