Magnesium – The Master Mineral


This is one mineral that I won’t go a day without!

Like I knew what my body was missing? 😜. Absolutely not!  I was trying so hard to ‘be healthy’, making good choices, and  eating clean. 

I researched and studied what my body needed as I was aging and ultimately started taking a multi vitamin, vitamin B complex, fish oil, vitamin C plus Bioflavonoids, and vitamin D. 

I was diligent with my exercise too!  It just wasn’t all coming together and I was slowly but consistently losing ground. 

 I also had no trust in the quality or delivery of the miscellaneous brands of vitamins I was purchasing and consuming.  My shelf of products was a big mix and match bunch of stuff. 

Then I discovered our health and wellness company and everything changed!  I found a company that had already diligently gone down this path and could provide a comprehensive approach to 3exactly what I was attempting to achieve for my health and wellness. 


After success with some of their foundational products and developing trust in their quality,  I decided to swap out my mess of vitamins.   I redirected my vitamin spend and now I get everything I need in an am/pm pillow pack for my convenience and I know it’s tested for purity and quality.   So much so, that I can take them on an empty stomach!

Magnesium is one of the many minerals included in our Complete Essentials Daily Pack but is also included in our IsaFlush product which is not a laxative.

Here is a great article to better understand the benefits of incorporating IsaFlush into your daily regimen.  Find Your Balance With IsaFlush – Isagenix Health


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