What do people really believe about Jesus, Heaven, Earth, and Hell?

How many of my friends have heard about or listen to any of the materials from TheBibleProject.com?

There are overviews of each book of the Bible plus information about Jesus and specific topics of interests. If the Bible seems confusing or difficult to follow, it helps to get the high level overview maps and explanations from this great resource!!

This particular video is about what many people believe Christians believe about Jesus, Heaven, Earth, and Hell vs. what the Bible says about who Jesus is and Heaven, Earth, and Hell.

And ultimately, those that refuse the truth of Jesus and acknowledge God, (meaning that he is irrelevant to them even when all should know him just through the beauty and miracle of creation) they will be given the human dignity of choice as they have chosen all along, and ultimately will be separated from God in hell for eternity!

I’m so thankful for the Bible Project so that many more people can have the opportunity to hear and decide for themselves!

Sometimes I would really like to clearify my own convictions based on my experience and my understanding of the “Good News” of the gospel with some of my loved ones, my friends, and my neighbors. There is not always the right opportunity and so I share this here. In the event that someone out in this cyber world is searching and has not yet heard the Good News !!!

God placed eternity in our hearts and each of us will continue to search to fulfill that until we know Jesus our Lord and Savior! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like more information to get started!

Check it out! https://youtu.be/ykH8E9wTCcQ

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