Fueling Body and Soul!

Many things on my life journey have changed my life, and I’m so thankful!

When I was a child, my parents took me to church and I decided to follow Jesus. That is my number one “life changer”. As an adult, busy with kids and a career, I somehow lost focus on Jesus and did things the hard way. But Jesus will never let go of his children. He gently drew me back to him in the last few years and that has given me more joy and peace than I can describe. He is by my side every single day now and guiding my path. I have learned to just try to love on people as he has loved on me! Without LOVE we are nothing and we have nothing! 1 Corinthians 13 tells us this!


Then came my health and wellness company. This has changed my life! I feel fabulous! I have always been conscientious about eating healthfully but I didn’t realize how nutrient depleted our soils and foods have become. Now that I am fueling my body with everything that it was lacking, it’s so much happier. I can feel it everyday and I can see it! And I’m thankful that the Lord brought this into my life!

Now, it’s my goal to help others change their lives too. If I can help you, teach you about Jesus (which will last for eternity) and also show you how to fuel your body optimally, (which is temporary during our time on this earth), I’m right here for you!

Why not live the best you now and forever. 😇.

This is my life! I’m happy to be here exactly in this place!  Fueling my body and my soul!

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