You Are Loved!

Do you ever wonder who really loves you in this world when everyone is so busy just getting through each day? Not taking time to check in with you or noticing that maybe you are not your normal uplifting self?

The great thing is that you are loved by many! You can be sure of this! Just don’t expect to hear it, see it, or feel it each moment each day. But in those moments when you need some love, a hug, a smile and there is no one in reach, just know that God loves you!

Just tell him you need to feel his love right now. When you reach out, God shows up every single time! Yes! every time. He hears you and loves you! I pray that he will wrap his loving arms around you and you will feel his love and his joy will fill you up. This is exactly what I do! And it’s free! I’m frugal. Lol

I give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love. Psalm 107:8.

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