Welcome to our Site! We are glad that you are here!

Welcome to our site!  We are glad that you are here!  And just a quick note about us—

We are glad that you were curious enough to come take a look at our site.  We were just exploring the thought of buiding a web-site and before we had much content we started getting followers.  So we both went to work to make some contributions in hopes of enriching others lives through our own journey and passions.

We are enjoying bringing all of our passions together and living an authentic and integrated life.

  1. Our love for the Lord and nurturing our daily walk and relationship with him is our top priority.  We want to serve others in the name of the Lord to bring Glory to Him!  We can do this through serving in local ministries in various ways but the social media platform is quite large and we trust that the Lord will use his words to reach others through us.
  2. We love to be proactive regarding our health.  We know that whatever we consume is either fighting or fueling disease.  So we are thoughtful about what we eat and drink, as well as, other products that we use on our bodies and around the house (both inside and out).  We like to share the things that we find that help us to take care of our health.
  3. We love to travel especially to wine regions as they are some of the most beautiful places in the world.  We have travel to many countries and will be posting about some of our adventures.  We will give travel tips or share specific information about places we have visited.  If you are traveling and would like any information, please just let us know and we will get back to you quickly.
  4. We love good food and good wine.  We are frugal though and so we are choosy.  We watch our pocketbook and our health.  So we balance things.  We eat extremely well at home and then we splurge when we go out!
  5. We love Isagenix.  We love the company, the products, and how great we feel.  We love that they are generous and since they don’t use the traditional marketing venus (but rather reward their customers for sharing) we decided to start sharing what we know and appreciate about the company and their products.  We are now basicaly eating for free as the benefits we receive are more than the cost of the products we consume each month.  This is available to any customer too!  We should all be able to eat for free and put this clean fabulous dense nutrition into our bodies and proactively fight off disease.  It helps us maintain an alkaline balance which is a key factor in keeping cancer at bay.  If you would like more information about the products or how to eat for free please contact us as well.