A little about our journey with Isagenix

For those of you who are wondering why we have chosen Isagenix —

Our focus is healthy aging, proactively doing our part to fuel our bodies adequately, maintaining lean muscle for strength and agility as we age, and ultimately aging gracefully without being in the healthcare system or bombarding our bodies with medicines with a multitude of side effects.  We are choosing whole foods that are nutritious to sustain us.

  1. Basically, we are fueling our bodies with balanced, dense nutrition which was difficult to achieve even with the diligence that we applied to our nutrition regimen.  We do this without significantly constraining the foods we eat during our regular snacks and meals.  The products are extremely convenient and taste amazing with a large variety of flavors and food options.  We enjoy two delicious and convenient shakes or tasty nutritious bars per day.  Typically, we also enjoy two snacks and a healthy dinner  of our choice each day.  We enjoy food, we still enjoy dining out in our fabulous local restaurants, and love good wine!
  2. We have both adopted the supported fasting (cellular cleansing and repair process) because science has indicated for quite some time that it is a valuable component to incorporate into our lifestyle.  We feel better afterwards and sometimes our bodies even crave it.  We choose when and the length of the fast.  (This can be accomplished through nightly, daily, or over a two day timeframe). The support products sustain you and encourage toxin release and support cellular repair .  We are actually consuming botanicals, Belgium chocolates, whey thins, etc. every hour.
  3. We also are both including the daily Complete Essentials™ With IsaGenesis® (which we are thankful to have as they are based on Nobel Prize winning science targeting healthy aging through telomere support). We also have more confidence in this targeted selection of vitamins and minerals than what we were attempting to do independently through our local market.  We trust these products – all of them.

We are definitely living a better life because of these products and we are confident that you would benefit as well.

Use the ‘Our Product‘ dropdown to select the product category of interest.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  There are many ways to utilize the products. and there are several customizable bundles to obtain the precise products for you to optimize cost.

Carpe diem!