Nutritional Rebalancing and Cellular Cleansing

These are the reasons WHY nutritional rebalancing & cellular cleansing is SO important and achievable with the foods we are consuming.
1. This is the only detox program that removes up to 46% of the deadly toxins in your body.
2. Only detox that helps clean your blood but also allows your body to purge toxins from your fat cells. These are where the dangerous toxins are and why one positive main side effects is weight loss in your visceral fat.
3. It is NOT a diet or just some protein shake, it is a complete health transformation program which improves body composition and contributes to better heart health. Also better long-term weight maintenance compared to traditional heart-healthy diet (Skidmore College long-term research study)!
4. Fixes vitamin and mineral deficiencies by flooding the body with nutrition. (While still consuming two healthy snacks and one regular homemade fork and knife meal each day)
5. One bowl of spinach 30 years ago, you would have to eat 43 bowls today to get the same nutrition due to depletion of our soils and nutritional depletion of our foods. This is true for all our food.
6. By the age of 5 you have half the toxins that will be with you your entire life. Many your body will never be able to remove on its own.
7. Each shake is like sitting down and having 30 fruits and vegetables. Power packed with over 242 different nutrients.
8. Your own body will purge the low quality cells in your body that were built with poor nutrition. It will build strong healthy cells to replace the poor quality cells.
9. Probably the most misunderstood program due to being grouped and compared to diet companies or protein shake companies which post information without knowing or researching the program themselves. In comparison to this company who micro analyzes every single ingredient to ensure every shake you drink is free from any toxin.
10. There is not one shake company that even compares to the quality and nutrition of our cellular cleanse.
Every single ingredient is micro analyzed to ensure every shake you drink is free from any hint of herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, microbe, mycotoxin or heavy metal as well as to test for purity and strength. This extra testing costs over 4 million dollars per year. NO OTHER SHAKE COMPANY DOES THIS!
11. Only shake company with Ionic Alfalfa which helps in the delivery of the minerals on a cellular level.
12. The perfect branch chain amino acid profile in our shakes is a precursor to happy brain chemicals.

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