Measure for Success

Measuring yourself is an important part of your journey towards success with weight loss. Many people only focus on what the scale tells them. When the scale doesn’t move the way they want it to, they end up getting discouraged and ultimately fail.

Measuring is important because it shows us that our body is moving in the right direction when the scale says otherwise. Many people do not realize that with the right nutrition and exercise, they are releasing the toxic fat weight from their bodies and replacing it with strong healthy muscle weight.

They could be tricked into thinking they are at a weight loss plateau, when in fact they are actually getting smaller by replacing the fat weight with lean muscle weight.

Measure and Win!

Measure for SuccessRecommended body measurements:
Measuring yourself once a week in each of these areas (at the same time of day) will help keep you motivated to continue pushing forward.
The scale will make you fail!

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